Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-24 um 095918pngein Film von Marcel Kolvenbach

Deutschland, Polen, Argentinien 100 min


Erinnern als Handeln: Ein Dokumentarfilm auf der Suche nach Fritz Kann - eine Familiengeschichte: Die Deportation des Juden Fritz Kann von Düsseldorf nach Izbica, Lublin. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Erinnerungsort „Alter Schlachthof“ und der israelischen Choreographin Reut Shemesh. Interviews mit Überlebenden und Zeitzeugen als Teil der permanenten Ausstellung des Erinnerungsortes "Alter Schlachthof" der Hochschule Düsseldorf (HSD) unter der Leitung des Historikers Achim Schröder.

The war is back in Europe. The film looks back into the future of those who will one day remember the murders. A film about silence, a very personal quest diving deep into the story of a German-Jewish family with a new perspective of the 3rd Generation. The film also explores the effects of the trauma on future generations through the artistic choreography of the Israeli choreographer Reut Shemesh: in it the filmmaker's children - with African roots - encounter the leaden silence of a German family history . It's a story that has to be told over and over again, because every generation finds its own approach. After traveling Africa and Latin America, joining refugees and covering crisis areas for almost 20 years, the filmmaker returns to Germany to confront a family secret: Fritz Kann, his grandmother's first husband, was deported by the Nazis exactly 9 months before his father was born. Was he his grandfather? The search leads to the border with Ukraine in eastern Poland, where the Nazis pushed ahead with the annihilation of European Jews with "Operation Reinhardt". The trail gets lost in Izbica. But there are family members in Argentina and in the end a surprising encounter in (East) Berlin.

Trailer (English)

* Official Selection Buenos Aires Film Festival, Argentina 2022

* Finalist Near Nazareth Film Festival, Israel 2022

* Nominiert Deutscher Dokumentarfilm Musikpreis 2022

Gefördert durch / Funded by  
Film- und Medien Stiftung NRW
BGAG-Stiftung Walter Hesselbach

publicnomad productions

Szenische Kamera / Director Of Photography
Katja Rivas Pinzon

Musik / Original Soundtrack
Cassis B Staudt

Wissenschaftliche Beratung / Scientific Consulting
Joachim Schröder

Produktionsleitung / Production Manager
Tessa Langhans

Regie Tanz / Choreography

Reut Shemesh

Vertrieb / Distribution